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Free Books Sounds Cool!! But Whats This Swapping Concept??

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Why Spend on Books...

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How Book Swapping Works

By BookZeal

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Book swapping is the practice of a swap of books between one person and another.

It provides an inexpensive way for people to exchange books, find out about new books and obtain a new book to read without having to pay. Source : Wikipedia

BookZeal facilitates an an online platform using which users can easily swap books with others.


Topics                         Page

Join Groups                              2-3

List Books                              4-5

Get Request                           6-7

Schedule Meeting                  8-9

Earn Tokens                           10-11

Request Books                     12-13

Join Groups

Groups in BookZeal are geographical represenentation of small units where people belong to.These groups can be Home Groups, Work Groups, Institutional Groups etc.

Joining groups is the foremost thing that you need to do to get started. Join the ones you belong to and which are feasible for you to reach physically at to exchange books.

Join Groups Now

List Books

List the books that you own.

These books may be curriculum, non-curriculum, novels, short stories or any other hardbound books.

You can list a book to sell it for tokens or you can list it for users to borrow for reading only.

To list a book, all you need to do is just enter its ISBN number.

List a Book Now

Get Request

There are always people around you who want to read book that you own. Wait for some one to request the book you have listed.

People who request books from you are the ones who belong to one or more groups that you have joined.

You can chose to accept or decline the requests you receive from the uesr.

Schedule A Meet

After accepting the request, you need to communicate with the requestor (recommended to use BookZeal Private Messaging) and setup a meeting to give the book.

As you both share a common group, which may be Homegroup, Workgroup etc, a meetup should not be a issue.

Earn Tokens

Upon meeting, REQUESTOR checks if the Book is in good condition and then gives you the Token-Transfer-Code.

Tokens are transferred to your account upon entering the code in an online form provided to you.

What is Token-Transfer-Code?
Token Transfer code is provided to the requestor once you accept his book request. It is an authorization code which confirms that you have given the book to the requestor.

Request Books

You can now search the books you want to read and request it using the earned tokens.

If the earned tokens are not sufficient enough to request the book you want, you can buy tokens from us.

1 Token = Re. 1

Swap Cycle

What Users Say About Us

A friend recommended me about this site. Now i feel like getting some of the old books off the shelves to make room for all the new titles.
I have just received my first book. Was happy to find that this site really works. Thanks bookzeal for such a great concept.
I have seen book swapping sites based out of US, UK etc. Good to see one for India as well.

I am a avid reader, and have spent far more money buying books than I should. This site is fantastic! Not only can I swap books, but put works of literature and talk to other members.
I'm a college student and i borrow books from library. It is headache to return books on time and get it re-issued. And during exam times hardly I am able to get the book. Bookzeal helped me to own a book and at the same time save money also.
I've never been able to throw out books, but I'm always wanting more. BookZeal has solved both problems. I love passing books on, and I've found so many gems here.

For those of us who still craves physical, tangible books on paper, not digital text screens of any size, this site creates an easy way to recycle. Great idea that works beautifully.
My father's job makes me to shift places every 1 or 2 years. Carrying all my books becomes bulky and i have to leave them behind as garbage. No more now :)
When i was passing out from college, I had so many books with me. I would have left them in the cubboard but bookzeal has fetched me some good tokens against it.
As a graduate student I have to buy about 15 books for the semester. Paperback swap has had the books I needed, so I've saved a ton of money. Thanks for making this site available!! :)
At first I was skeptical at the whole process. I was worried that there would be problems in meeting with other traders. To my surprise, everything went smoothly.
This is a nice concept. I hope it finds good publicity.
Director NIT, Trichy